Leave It!

Psalm 118:8

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.

A couple of blogs ago, I mentioned that we adopted a puppy.  Well, that little puppy is now a one year old, 60 pound dog.  When we were preparing for our adoption, I started researching, and reading articles, watching dog whisperer episodes…anything that I could do to learn how to train this dog right.  Included in basic dog commands is the ‘Leave it’ command.  This means that you train your dog to drop something from his mouth, or let go of something he is going after that you don’t want him to etc.  It is a challenging exercise for a dog when you drop a juicy piece of meat and say “leave it!”

Do dog commands apply to humans?  I recently started thinking about the long term struggle I have had with worrying, fear, and just letting go.  All of a sudden, I thought, that’s it…I have to learn to ‘Leave It’! I don’t know about you, but I can pray and pray about something and moments later, I have taken that prayer request right back by dwelling on it and worrying again.  I didn’t Leave It! Boy, is that hard to do.  But, I can tell you, like my dog, I am learning and getting better at it!

I have come to realize that to leave it, is to surrender it.  And that is when God can work.  There have been times I have had an issue and went from one person to another to seek counsel.  I have even been so desperate to envision myself approaching people in the grocery store to see what they think!  All the while, I needed to go to my number one, GOD, and Leave It right there with Him! Totally Leave It there!  Not worry about it later. not take it back .  It is wonderful to have Christian family and friends to consult but our ultimate trust is in God!

I read a story once about how tribal people hunt monkeys.  They cut a hole in a log and put in some nuts.  The monkey puts his hand in the hole to get the food and is trapped.  All he has to do is open his fist!! Just open his hand and he’s free! But he won’t let go of that food.  We are kind of like that, aren’t we? I know I am.  Sometimes I am still dealing with the same thing because my fist is so tightly holding on to it.  All I have to do is talk to my Father and release it, open my fist and let it go.  Surrender.  Leave It!

Dear Father in Heaven, forgive me for taking so long to learn to leave it. Thank you for being so incredibly patient with me when I struggle when all I have to do is trust you.  Thank you for being willing to take my concerns and issues and answer my prayers! Help me to release my fist and leave it with you. Amen


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