Let Go of the Sinking Ship

Matthew 11:28

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”

It was a beautiful morning for our walk. My dog and I set out but I was struggling. I had been dealing with an issue that was just not getting any better.  Did you ever feel like that? Like, even though you pray, it seems like you are not heard.   I know that God always listens, always hears, always loves…but when it seems like he’s quiet…ugh, it’s hard to keep the faith. 

I walked and cried. I basically told God that I felt like I was on a sinking ship and that I was about to let go.  Well, then it hit me.  A light bulb went on…it was like God said, “that’s exactly what I want you to do.”  Adding to the list of my challenges is control, I think I am controlling.  Even though in my head, I know I basically have control of nothing, I still feel like I have to personally be in charge of everything. And it’s exhausting!  It makes trusting quite the challenge.

There was something refreshing and uplifting about visualizing letting go of that sinking boat! I suddenly had an inner peace.  Even though ‘that issue’ is still an issue, I am confident that God is at work.  He didn’t tell me to let go to fail me. He never fails! He won’t fail you, either. 

Are you burdened today? I urge you to remind yourself of this verse throughout your day. He will give you peace. Your issue may not be resolved today. But, He’s working! Even when you think He’s  quiet, He’s  got a plan.  I love thinking that God CAN’T make a mistake, He can’t lie. So if he says I should let go, why should I hang on to the burden feeling like I can barely keep my nose above the water? He is my life preserver!

 I know it’s hard for some of us, but oh my, it is such a relief to reach out for our God and find rest in Him. Let go, friend. Whatever it is, try it. Let go and let God.

Dear Heavenly Father, I don’t know why we tend to torture ourselves with burdens when all we have to do is come to you. Forgive us. Thank you that there is nothing you aren’t willing to help us with. Amen


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