2 Chronicles 15:7

For as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.

Do you know how many times the Bible says ‘do not fear’?  365 times.  Not a coincidence.  I think that proves God knew fear would be an issue with a lot of us, so He gave us a do not fear phrase for each day of each year.  

Fear is a problem for me.  I control out of fear.  I consult many people’s opinions because of fear.  I eat because of fear, I don’t eat because of fear.  I have anxiety because of fear.  Unfortunately, I’ve learned through trials, fear also means a lack of trust exists. 

I’ve always wanted to build faith.  These past few years have taught me this, how else can you increase faith unless you go through fire?  Be careful what you wish for!

Having children increased my fear.  How can you ‘let go’ of these precious beings you birthed!? But over time, it’s what you have to do for the appropriate development of the child.  Well, one of my faith building exercises happened when our oldest son suffered a serious concussion in football when he was 16.  

As a sophomore, it’s not ideal to miss an entire semester of school because your vision and balance is so messed up.  After countless specialists and therapy, he slowly began to improve.  Other complications surfaced…social issues involved with going back to school when everyone else moved on without you, post concussion depression, concentration issues…

It’s HARD to watch a loved one suffer and you cannot do anything about it.  Well, I did do something. I prayed, a lot! And so did my family.  I remember one particular day the doctor told him no more contact sports…let’s just say he didn’t take it well.  I remember strongly telling him on our ride home that he can fight me and be upset, but I am his mother and I will never, ever give up on him…so he won’t win the battle. 

This long year and a half recovery taught me a lot about faith, trust and hope.  There’s no doubt in my mind that God has a plan for each of us.  I knew he’d see our son through but some days my faith was weak, I just couldn’t see it. Walk by faith, not by sight…right?

Well, that kid has come a long way. Got a nice job, is very pleasant (most of the time) and has new goals and dreams in life.  Oh it was hard! I can’t tell you how many times I cried…cried because he suffered, cried because social stuff in high school stinks, cried because he couldn’t see that risking his brain again was not worth it…But in God’s time, he did.  

Just like in the key verse, we have to be strong! Recently, I started running a route with a steep hill. As I run up that hill, I look at the top and repeat to myself, I look to hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord!  And he helps me to the top of that hill! That hill will not defeat me!

He will help you up your hill, too! I couldn’t see any end to my son’s dilemma.  But I could not give up. I traded fear for faith.  And through tears, pushed on.  He says, you will be rewarded!  And he did reward my son, with recovery and a new view on life. 

Do not give up! Climb that hill through tears if you need to. Just keep going. Repeat His word in your head, day and night! Commit to being UNDEFEATED.  Look to the hills, your reward is waiting at the top.  

Dear God, you said we would have trials.  You also said we should not give up, you will reward us! Thank you that even when we can’t see it, there’s an end to our trial. And through it all, fear disappears and faith grows. Thank you God! Amen


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Edward Silfies says:

    Very good Candi. Proud of you. Keep the faith.



  2. Ginger says:

    It’s so amazing to see how your faith has grown thru your blog from the beginning to now .God is using you to minister to those of us who need to hear. God Bless!


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