Pull Your Weeds

Proverbs 4:23 

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. 

Well, it’s finally kind of spring in the Northeast.  Birds are chirping, grass is green and trees are blooming-even though one day it’s 60 degrees and the next is 38?! Even so, it sure does not take long for pesky weeds to start showing their ugly selves in my landscape.

I enjoy working in the yard but there are times, I swear, someone comes and plants weeds in my landscape at night.  It seems like I walk around and pull them, and the next day, there’s more! Why are weeds so hearty but it’s hard to grow the things you actually want?

We had a neighbor who built beautiful garden boxes. He tended to that garden and grew all kinds of vegetables. His two little kids helped him.  One day, I noticed a moving truck in their driveway and found out he decided to leave his family.  His beautiful garden had been taken over with weeds and so did his heart.  It broke mine to think his kids were losing their father. I don’t know the specifics of their situation but I do know we have to pull the weeds in our heart before they choke us and cause us to sin. 

We all have ‘weeds’.  And just like I do with my landscape, it takes regular, daily maintanence to keep up with the pulling.  Did you ever sit down and examine your thoughts?  Sometimes, my thoughts get carried away and it takes me awhile to realize it.  Whether it’s with worry, negativity, fear…my weaknesses, it’s hard to catch yourself sometimes.  But when I picture my heart, I want it to be colorful and blooming, not dark and overtaken with weeds. 

In the key verse above, it says, above all else…that must indicate that God knew it was that important.  We don’t want our hearts hardened and choked out by the weeds we don’t maintain.  Don’t let our enemy come in and plant weeds.  Pull them, roots and all so they don’t multiply!

Let’s remember what comes out of our mouths comes from our heart. What we do, our actions…comes from the heart.   Our appearance-do you glow? Or do you look unapproachable? It all comes from the heart.  So, get your gardening tools, and get to pulling. Open the word, read some every day.  Fill you thoughts with God’s truth.  I need the constant reminder as well.  It helps! 
Take care of your heart.  Let it bloom with a beauty only God can plant.  A beautiful heart leads to a beautiful soul, spirit, mind…a beautiful you! 

Dear God, Please help us not to neglect the condition of our hearts.  Thank you for being clear to us that we need to regularly check ourselves, and do some pruning-guard our hearts!  Amen


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs G says:

    I have my Bible and I am pruning and pulling weeds now.Praying one day I will be a beautiful flower for the Lord.


    1. candiannblog says:

      You already are ❤


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