…And That’s Final

John 19:30

When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

Here it is, Easter-eve, and I never did get those plastic, pastel eggs out on the tree.  I never got any other ‘Easter’ decorations out like every year before.  I can’t even tell you why.  I don’t even know. No excuse.  

I usually bake homemade desserts for our family Easter dinner. Not this year.  I bought a cheesecake.  That cheesecake ended up falling out of the back of the car when my husband opened the hatch.  Yes. It did.  Then, as I tried to open the fridge in the garage, I knocked over a bike which, of course, fell and scratched my husband’s driver side car door. That’s just a few examples of how life has been lately. One thing after another.

I was feeling pretty guilty about the lack of decorations.  But the truth is, those eggs have nothing to do with Jesus.  It’s fine to decorate and enjoy a visit from the Easter bunny, but it’s all about our Savior’s resurrection.  As I looked around my home, I saw the big metal cross hanging on one wall.  The 10 commandments on another.  The Bible spread open to Psalm 91…Maybe I’m not a failure for never putting those eggs on the bushes. 

Sometimes, actually, a lot of times I feel like I’m just not doing a good job.  At anything. Parenting, being a wife, child of God.  Through the hardships, I’ve begun to literally accept that Jesus loves me.  He just does.  We are not lost causes here. He died for every human who ever lived.  He left perfect Heaven to come here and suffer beyond our understanding for sinners-me and you.  

Why is it so hard to allow Him to love us?  Why do we block that beautiful sacrificial love he displayed on the cross?  I don’t know why we beat ourselves up.  But I am choosing to believe that He loves me even though the ‘Easter Bunny was here’ sign never made it up this year.  He loves me even though I’ll be taking a slightly smushed cheesecake to my sister’s tomorrow. 

When Jesus said “it is finished”,  it was.  The Savior died for us, our sins were covered.  How much more can He show His love for us? I am trying hard to believe and welcome that love in.  I am not perfect, but He loves me anyway.  No conditions.  That feels awesome.  

Let Jesus love you.  He proved that love on the cross.  He willingly laid down his life for you.  Accept the love.  Accept that he loves you no matter what.  Jesus loves you…and that’s final. 

Dear Lord Jesus,  Forgive us for ever taking your love for granted.  We can’t fathom what you went through on the cross, the thought of your suffering just breaks our hearts.  Thank you for being so willing to die for us, all because of your miraculous love.  Thank you so much for loving each one of us…no matter what. Amen


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs G says:

    Was waiting for a new blog,I know Jesus loves us and an not fathom how he died for each of us but He rose and lives .Thankyou for reminding us what is all important not just Easter but every day .God Bless have a Blessed Easter Jesus loves us all!


    1. candiannblog says:

      Happy Easter to you Mrs Gā¤


  2. Anonymous says:

    Easter is about the SONNY ….. Not the .. Bunny !!!!!!
    And the cheesecake was delicious!!!
    Love Your blogs Sis


    1. candiannblog says:

      Well thanks! šŸ˜˜


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